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Investigative services

Detective Rybak is a polish private detective agency with a European range, offering professional detective services, corporate investigations and investigations in civil and criminal cases.
Corporate Investigations

Professional investigative services for fraud detection

Services for lawyers

We come to the truth by obtaining information that is particularly important to our clients


Discreet surveillance of people, places and events for the needs of companies and individuals

Internal Investigations

Investigative services for the needs of the Management Board, Compliance and HR

Brand Protection

Search for the source of counterfeit goods and distribution channels, and identify the perpetrators

Identification of debtors’ assets

Searching and identification of debtors’ assets, both in Poland and abroad


Surveillance detection and securing business meetings

Bug sweeping (TSCM)

Effective protection against surveillance and dissemination of confidential information

Why Us

Because we offer a unique service on the Polish market. We have experience in working for Polish and foreign companies. We build our effectiveness thanks to the experience gained from previous service in the Polish special services. We don’t argue who was first. Our goal is simple – we want to be the best. The best confirmation of our competences are satisfied customers.

About Lead Investigator

My name is Michał Rybak, I am a private investigator in Poland, the founder of the Rybak – Investigators and Business Security Consultants. We help private individuals, but most often we deal with detective services for companies and business security. We are aware that the key to being effective in business is to have proper intelligence at hand.
Our team provides professional investigative services and we are working in line with highest standards of modern investigations. Team members are licensed investigators with experience in covert surveillance and recon as well as frauds examination.
Moreover, we provide professional support and advice along with evidence gathering by licensed investigators. Those evidence can later be used for criminal and/or civil court cases as well as for presentation for law enforcement agencies.
By expanding our client’s knowledge about markets, competitors and business associates, we are helping to gain competitive edge. We are creating solid foundations for business safety and security. We deliver informations that supports conscious and safe decision making process for business initiatives. We are working covertly and creatively so our client’s intentions and goals are not revealed and stay discreet.
Rybak’s private investigators in Poland support clients and their lawyers in court proceedings. Our experts’ knowledge and experience help to identify and locate key evidence and informations in quick and efficient manner.
In conclusion, we work loyally for our clients meeting legal and ethical requirements. Our priorities include being effective and discreet when executing investigations. Therefore, we do not brag about our successes as we respect our clients’ wishes. 

You can trust us

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